Channing Lawrence


Pastor Channing Lawrence

Pickerington Campus Pastor


Fun Facts About Channing

My Clan
Joshua, my greatest gift here on earth. Gabriel Judah, my adventurer and artist. Elias Joshua, my cuddle bug and athlete. Levi Alexander, my warrior and sweet one. Captain (Spike) America the dog, Louie the cat and Spike Michelangelo the turtle.
My Other Dream Job
Children’s home administrator who takes in “unloved” children and surrounds them in the safety of Kingdom minded mother and father hearts.
Things I Am Gifted At
Cheering people on, teaching, pre-teens, animal whispering, listening.
Things I'm Not Gifted At
Artistic anything, futuristic thinking, cooking, and gardening.
Mom life, nations trips, volunteering for One-By-One, working out, animals, and reading.
Authors of Influence
Heidi Baker, Ruth Ward Heflin, Bill Johnson, & Andres Bisonni
Things That Make My Heart Beat Fast
My four boys, adoption, basset hounds, miniature donkeys, watching people I love encounter God for themselves, chocolate in any form.
Things that make me laugh
My boys, when someone trips and falls (safely of course).
Things I ALMOST finished
Learning how to garden, learning how to cook, a million books I only read the first couple chapters out of, any and every movie that starts after 9:00 pm because I fall asleep.
Impactful books
There’s Always Enough, Compelled by Love, Loving on Purpose, Glory, Holy Spirit, Happy Intercessor, When Heaven Invades your Finances.
Places I've paid tuition
Columbus State, Ohio University