Jim Baker


Pastor Jim Baker

Senior Leader


Fun Facts About Jim

My Clan
Mary, the woman of my dreams, is a relentless encourager, balance-bringer, and partner in ministry. I have three amazing boys who have inherited my love for superhero movies and are the joy of my life.
My Other Dream Job
Being a Ninja (minus the killing part, I guess that just leaves wearing the black pajama outfit); or, being a host on “Top Gear”.
Things I Am Gifted At
Remembering the words to 80's TV theme songs, break dancing, saying the books of the Bible faster than any other human.
Things I'm Not Gifted At
Anything mechanical, directions, and singing (this is the short-list).
Places I've Paid Tuition
University of Michigan (B.A.), Michigan State University (finding myself), Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (M.A. Counseling, M.Div.)
Futile attempts to look like the guy on the Bowflex commercial, reading, playing with my kids, evenings with my wife, table tennis (much too intense to be called ping pong), watching movies with my family, detailing cars, Pinewood Derby racing.
Authors of Influence
Bill Johnson, Andrew Wommack, Roger Sapp, John G. Lake, Dallas Willard, Kevin Dedmon, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk, John Ortberg, Gordon Fee, John Wimber, Michael Brown, Jack Deere, Craig Keener
Things That Make My Heart Beat Fast
The Presence of God, my wife, my boys, a vision of life in the Kingdom of God, divine healing, revival, cultural transformation, heaven invading earth, testimonies, the potential of the emerging generation, seeing a life change, seeing an unsaved friend take a step forward on their spiritual journey, watching my family grow in their spiritual journey, serving the POW'S (Poor, Orphans, Widows, Single parents), sports cars (especially American muscle and German sport luxury) .