K.J. & Jamie Kay


Pastors K.J. & Jamie Kay

Youth Pastors

Fun Facts About K.J. & Jamie

My Other Dream Job
K.J.: Professional Golfer Jamie: Zoologist working with big cats!
Things I Am Gifted At
K.J.: Drums and most sports. Jamie: Saying my ABC’s backwards and volleyball.
Things I'm Not Gifted At
K.J.: Drawing or painting Jamie: Whistling and dancing.
K.J.: Drums and playing video games and trying to do, do-It-yourself projects. Jamie: Reading, watching movies, hiking, playing sports, and singing.
Authors of Influence
K.J.: Bill Johnson and Banning Liebscher Jamie: Banning Liebscher, Bill Johnson, and Josh Lawrence
Things That Make My Heart Beat Fast
K.J.: Exercise, lol! Jamie: Working with kids and teens.
Things that make me laugh
K.J.: Movies with Jack Black. Jamie: Funny animal videos and exercise.
Impactful books
K.J.: The Bible Jamie: The Bible and Journey of a World Changer
Places I've Paid Tuition
K.J.: Ohio Christian University Jamie: Capital University