What to Expect

What to Expect

Corporate Worship is our outward expression of love and appreciation for God.

  • It is an invitation, “an open door from heaven,” to come to sit at the feet of the King, soak in His presence, and know Him in an intimate way.
  • It is when the incense of our praise rises to the nostrils of the living God.
  • It is where we touch God and God touches us Spirit-to-spirit.
  • It is a moment in time when we stop everything else and lay open and yielded in front of His Majesty.
  • It is when we express thankfulness to Jesus for loving us even when we are not acting lovely.
  • It is the sound of a people cheering for their King and awaiting the next command.
  • It is the sound of an army advancing to bring heaven to earth.
  • It is a releasing of the prophetic sound, the changing of an atmosphere.
  • It is an explosion of love, joy, peace, hope, healing, restoration, fire, power, glory, and celebration!
  • It is when the Burning Ones come together in one accord to honor their King and say, “I love YOU!”

Our prayer is that, when you visit Zion, you will encounter God and experience His love in a way that you never have before.

As a worship team, we desire to hear heaven’s sound and release it the best we can to bring God’s people into an intimate place, where much can be accomplished in and for the Kingdom of God on Earth. Following the Holy Spirit is our deepest desire when leading you in worship.

Come hungry. Come expecting.